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A bit about this blog

hi, weirdfangirl here,

this is my first post on a blog. i don’t know what this site will be like, but im interested to try new things. im very open to suggestions as well. hope to see some cool things here





Hello! Looking forward to hearing your bookish thoughts. If you're keen on ideas, a getting-to-know-you post is always fun.

29th Aug, 19

Thank you! One question I have is how do I change my avatar picture thing? I’ll see about doing a get to know me post sometime today or this weekend.

30th Aug, 19

In reply to weirdfangirl

In the top right corner of any Inside A Dog page will be your username and, when you hover your cursor over it, a drop-down menu. Click on 'Account details' and you can edit your profile.

30th Aug, 19

hello there i am dragon wings I am excited to see posts 😁😁

30th Aug, 19